This St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the return of thousands of Irish workers to renewed opportunities in Ireland. KSN recently welcomed recruits returning from Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Canada and the Middle East – each with an added level of experience and knowledge reflecting a fresh outlook for the continued success of KSN.

KSN is a wholly Irish owned company. We celebrated 25 years in business last year and we commence the successive years with a resilient and positive approach to the growth and prosperity of Ireland’s economy. Returning Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers have an abundance of employment opportunities with forecasts predicting in excess of 100,000 new construction sector recruits. Employers therefore have a responsibility to provide exceptional opportunities to prospective employees while supporting and retaining existing personnel. We asked our Surveyors to share their professional views on returning to Ireland – they commented that the exposure presented in KSN provided superior professional development opportunities particularly in terms of mentoring and project experience. Declan, Emma and Kieran are just three of our Surveyors who returned to Ireland to join KSN:

Declan Lennon graduated in 2010 and emigrated to Australia and the UK before returning to Ireland and joining Marion St. John’s team in early 2015. Declan noted the opportunities that became available to him in KSN gaining “three times more experience” than abroad. Declan achieved Chartership in 2016 along with his colleagues Thomas Madden and Colm Kenny.

Emma Brogan graduated in 2010 and moved to London to gain employment. Emma returned 5 years later with a selection of employment offers and subsequently joined Donal Duffy’s team in 2015. Emma swiftly gained proficient consulting experience with exposure to high profile and varied projects while preparing for her APC.

Kieran Hegarty joined Chris Grady’s team after six years’ abroad in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Kieran notes “Having been abroad for so long, not necessarily through choice but more for economic reasons, it’s good to be back. I would have never left if I was able to secure opportunities in Ireland. Albeit I have had a great time abroad – I would have liked to be on the path I am on now 6 years ago.”

Project Manager Colette Maher recently joined KSNPM. Colette spent three years in the US specialising in fit-outs and maintenance before returning home to take on the role of Facilities and Project Manager in a global business software company. Colette subsequently joined KSNPM in 2017.

As we celebrate our Irish identity on March 17th we also celebrate the growth of the Irish economy. Sustainable progress requires support and encouragement of construction industry employees, this includes an increase in female participation in the construction industry and encouraging school leavers to enter construction related education. The housing crises in Ireland also requires due attention at both Government and industry levels. KSN believe a Government decision in terms of reducing VAT, levies and contributions would be the key driver in terms of reducing House costs and, if realised, would aid realistic and necessary housing growth in Ireland.

In the year ahead, KSN expect to see a continued increase in the planning and construction of Offices, Apartments, Data Centres and Student Accommodation and significant developments in Dublin’s Docklands and the surrounding areas. We also expect energy efficiency to continually surpass expectations and for sustainable design to become a norm, not an option.

This St. Patrick’s Day we welcome home all those of who have returned to Ireland and we look forward to welcoming 100,000 more.

Lá Féile Pádraig from the Directors and staff at KSN.

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